Penns Grove High School

Penns Grove High School Guidance Department

The Penns Grove High School Guidance department works to help students with scheduling, career planning, scholarships, college applications, as well as personal and social issues.

Our Counselors

Vanessa Cloud, Guidance Counselor
856-299-6300 ext 3217

Ibn Muhammad, Guidance Counselor
856-299-6300 ext 3231

Denise Johnson, Student Assistance Counselor
856-299-6300 ext 3229


Penns Grove High School

334 Harding Highway
Carneys Point, NJ 08069

Phone: 856-299-6300
Fax: 856-299-5192


Our High School

Penns Grove High School is a 9th through 12th grade comprehensive high school serving a diverse student population. Students are offered a wide variety of academic opportunities ranging from Advanced Placement courses, practical arts courses, fine and performing arts courses, as well as the opportunity to participate in the Academy of Engineering and Technologies

A wide selection of academic courses is available to our students. Honors level, as well, as AP level courses in English are open to all students during each of their four years in high school. English electives include mythology, creative writing, and SAT verbal review. Students can choose from a science curriculum that offers four-year programs in each area of biology, chemistry, and agricultural science. AP courses in biology and chemistry are also offered. Students also have the opportunity to follow a four-year program in the Academy of Engineering and Technologies. Students in this program study advanced math and science courses, as well as study at Salem Community College and Rowan University where they can accumulate over 30 college credits.

Students and staff of Penns Grove High School are proud of their school and know that strong community support is a key ingredient to the success of any school.

We incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables; a variety of milk is offered and whole grain items. Our program meets the requirements set forth by the Sate of New Jersey, Department of Agriculture, Division of Child Nutrition. As a District we adopted the New Jersey Model School Nutrition Policy, which addresses the nutrient content of all snacks and beverages we have available in our cafeterias.

Contact Us

Colleen M. Green
Food Service Director
Phone: 856-299-6300 x3225


Breakfast: All: $1.50 / Reduced Price: $ .30

Lunch: HS & MS: $2.75 / Reduced Price: $ .40 Elementary: $2.55 / Reduced Price: $ .40



H.I.B. Information

Anti-Bullying Specialist – Ibn Muhammad
856-299-6300 ext 3231
Penns Grove High School
334 Harding Hwy
Carneys Point, NJ 08069

Anti-Bullying District Coordinator – Charlyn Martin
856-299-3230 ext
Lafayette – Pershing Elementary School
237 Shell Road
Carneys Point, NJ 08069

Anti-Bullying Specialist – Ian Fisher
856-299-0576 ext 4521
Penns Grove Middle School

Anti-Bullying Specialist – Melissa Price
856-299-1706 ext 1100
PW Carleton School

Anti-Bullying Specialist – Amy Lance
856-299-0170 ext 1121
Field Street School

Anti-Bullying Specialist – Karin Wang
856-299-3230 ext 5012
Lafayette-Pershing School

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