Penns Grove - Carneys Point
HIB Information
H.I.B. Grade Report 2017-2018 (pdf)
Coordinators & Specialist
2018-2019 HIB Safety Committee (pdf)
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Bullying Policy (pdf)
State Guidance HIB Letter (pdf)

H.I.B. - Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

The Board believes that an effective instructional program requires an orderly school environment and an educational program that integrates a sound academic program with citizenship training and core ethical values that instill high standards of integrity, self- respect, recognition of the rights of others while accepting personal responsibility for all actions.

Anti-Bullying District Coordinator – Ms. Charlyn Martin
856-299-3230 ext 5150
Lafayette – Pershing Elementary School
237 Shell Road
Carneys Point, NJ 08069

Anti-Bullying Specialists

Anti-Bullying Specialist – Elise Storms
856-299-6300 ext 3215
Penns Grove High School

Anti-Bullying Specialist – Haylee VanScoy
856-299-0576 ext 4515
Penns Grove Middle School

Anti-Bullying Specialist – Melissa Price
856-299-1706 ext 1100
PW Carleton School

Anti-Bullying Specialist – Amy Lance
856-299-0170 ext 1121
Field Street School


Anti-Bullying Specialist – Eve Fenton
856-299-3230 ext 5012
Lafayette-Pershing School