Penns Grove - Carneys Point


Dear Penns Grove-Carneys Point RSD Parents, Guardians and Staff Members,

There is excitement in our school district as we embark on another school year. We are beginning our school year with vision, commitment and determination to empower our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders and achievers. Our district will be open for staff on September 4 and 5, 2018, providing full days of professional development. Students will begin with a full day of school on September 6, 2018.

Our district schools are developing specific programs to meet the goals and challenges needed to prepare our students. Penns Grove High School is focusing on addressing cognitive learning, socioemotional learning and school safety initiatives. A new schedule is in place at the High School that provides the students with a variety of advanced and enrichment courses. The High School courtyard will become an "Environmental Center" for our school district students. This center will provide students with a rich, educational experience for our ever-changing environment. The Middle School is ensuring all  students have access to high-quality services that will enable them to become better learners and citizens. The Middle School is currently training staff and students in effective practices in equity and equality to improve school culture and environment while, at the same time, creating a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility. Our elementary schools are developing STEAM programs to expose our young learners to the advances in technology and career exploration. All schools are updating their facilities and main offices to make them welcoming, pleasing and inviting.

The Penns Grove-Carneys Point Regional School District family welcomes new members in Curriculum and Instruction, classroom educators and the administrative team. These professionals are well-educated, well-prepared and competent in their fields. They are charged to continue the high standards of practice that are established to support our learners.

Effective communication, shared responsibility and collaboration is embedded in our mission of "Building a School Community of Leaders and Achievers". The foundation to student academic success is parents, community and educators working with intentional support of improved school culture and development of positive relationships.

My best for the coming year,
Dr. Zenaida Cobian
Superintendent of Schools